Des Moines, IA
Hip hop
For more than a decade, Des Moines MCs Toby Diligent and D Average have “been doin’ rap stuff.” That’s a quote from their Facebook page, but it really encapsulates prettygirlhatemachine. It’s succinct, but powerful. “Rap stuff” isn’t just writing, though they are supremely skilled at crafting skillful and fluid rhymes. It isn’t just production, though DJ J-Fresh is as adept as anyone you’ll find behind the decks, with exceptional samples and artful choices in changing the tempo and presentation, occasionally mid-track. It’s the commitment to being artists that makes them so special. It’s their ability and time spent perfecting exactly what rap means to them.

Taking frequent trips around the Midwest in support of their album “Real is a Joke” and joining some of Des Moines’s best hip hop acts frequently, prettygirlhatemachine has developed their sound and style to a near perfect blend of smart lyrics and charismatic stage show. While this is not their first time at 80/35, this year they make their Main Stage debut. Doin’ rap stuff on a big stage is what prettygirlhatemachine have been ready to do for a very long time.

- Written by Dave Murphy
set details
Saturday, July 8 at 12:00 pm on Hy-Vee Mainstage