Milwaukee, WI
Hip hop
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the breezy brother to the windy goliath to the south, has always had a little bit of an inferiority complex. Standing on the shoulders of Chicago legends Chance & Kanye comes WebsterX, weaving his own blend of rugged rhythm, jagged babble and midwest-tinged crispness.

The 24 year-old has done nothing but turn heads throughout the hip hop world since his first show in 2013. Growing up on the North Side of Milwaukee, the son of Ethiopian immigrants has channeled his unique worldview and experiences into experimental musical journeys influenced by everyone from Cat Stevens to A Tribe Called Quest.

The year, WebsterX is taking his act worldwide, including the stage at this year’s 80/35.

- Written by Chris Lackhy
set details
Saturday, July 8 at 2:45 pm on Kum & Go Stage