Des Moines, IA
Hip hop
Hip hop and rap in Des Moines has been supported, but not always championed. This may or may not be the reason many past artists haven’t lasted longer than a few years – as they have either quit or moved away. However, it seems when a new act does break out, it is a shot in the arm of that hip hop scene rejuvenating and reminding audiences that the art form still exists in our city. Tha Füt have done just that in a short amount of time.

Tha Füt have come on strong this past year releasing an album and playing an abundance of shows to diverse crowds of hip hop, metal, and punk. Seemingly anywhere they can play, they will. Their willingness to step over genre boundaries and scene barriers has increased their presence exponentially. Their inclusive atmosphere and party anthems are sure to light a fire under this year’s festival crowds.

- Written by Brian Campos, Pants OFF! Podcast
set details
Saturday, July 8 at 5:00 pm on Nationwide Stage