Des Moines, IA / Indianola, IA
Roots rock / Blues
Can music heal? I mean, not in the ethereal sense. Not in the university study, psych textbook sense, but in the blood-and-guts, real world situation sense. Can music heal? Jim Enos sure thinks so, and he is living proof. The namesake and frontman of Stutterin’ Jimmy & The Goosebumps has used songwriting to beat a debilitating speech impediment, a crippling drug addiction and – he is more than hopeful – a recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

Following in the tradition of down-home folk and rock artists of the past, The Goosebumps’ music harkens to the rural American countryside with slide guitars, big chords and a frontman who’s in it for nothing but the joy of song. Growling with a Waits-esque intensity, Enos bends and curls along with his bandmates to create an emotional and essential release for not only himself, but everyone in attendance. Come feel their regenerative power at 80/35.

- Written by Chris Lackhy
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Saturday, July 8 at 1:00 pm on Nationwide Stage