San Diego, CA / Story City, IA
Psychedelic rock / Blues rock / Hard rock
Originally hailing from Story City, Iowa, Radio Moscow has been creating a cult following since their formation in 2003. Having been compared to Cream, The Allman Brothers and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Radio Moscow has been touring worldwide since 2007. The band has released four studio albums, one live album and is currently working on their fifth studio album that is rumored to release this year.

The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach originally discovered front-man Parker Griggs and proceeded to produce Radio Moscow’s debut self-titled album. They have proven since the beginning of their careers that they encapsulate the sound of true rock and roll mixed with a heavy psychedelic influence.

- Written by Clayton Bowers
set details
Friday, July 7 at 8:15 pm on Nationwide Stage