Iowa City, IA / Montrose, IA / Chicago, IL
Rock / Americana / Alt country
If you don’t recognize the name Middle Western, how about these names: William Elliott Whitmore and David Zollo. The two legendary Iowa singer-songwriters joined forces for their latest project last year, along with Stephen "The Kid" Howard, Stevie Doyle and Brian Cooper.

Zollo and Whitmore trade off on vocals, letting Middle Western merge the unique piano, strings and singing styles of its two frontmen. Paste Magazine recently named Middle Western as one of the “9 Best Things We Saw at Daytrotter Downs,” which is Daytrotter’s annual festival in Davenport. Despite Whitmore and Zollo having decades of experience between them, Middle Western is still a relatively new collaboration. You can say you saw one of their early shows by catching the band at 80/35.

- Written by Joe Lawler, Live Local Man
set details
Saturday, July 8 at 8:15 pm on Nationwide Stage