Des Moines, IA
Bubblegum pop
Bubblegum pop-rock punk. Somewhere in the intersection of all that, Glitter Density exists. Glitter Density touts itself as “two pals rocking around DSM” and is a duo with a big heart and sharp wit. “Hush Darling, don’t say a word. No one will believe you because you are just a girl.” Singer and guitarist Catherine Lewin sings this from the point of view of… society. Talking down to women. Still in high school, Catherine and bassist Louise Bequeaith’s songwriting takes on a sophistication and wisdom beyond their years, while still maintaining an earnest and youthful vibe.

You may remember Glitter Density from last year’s 80/35, when they played the Gen Z stage (and now they’ve graduated to the Kum & Go stage). And if all that’s not enough to win you over, they get major points for most creative, lovely and whimsical band name of all time.

- Written by Zoey Miller
set details
Saturday, July 8 at 12:00 pm on Nationwide Stage