Iowa City, IA
Folk / Singer-songwriter
In just the last couple years, Elizabeth Moen has emerged as a heavy-hitter in the Iowa music landscape. Growing up in a small Iowa town of 5,200 population (uhhh… yep, for real) and then relocating to Iowa City, Elizabeth Moen has major pipes and rad influences that give her sound life. Her sound has that duality, too – an intimate small town feel mixed with more eclectic influences of the weirdo underbelly of Iowa City. She’s been playing guitar since her teenage years (and had been known to sing old Johnny Cash and Billie Holiday covers at open mics), but finally started writing songs in 2015. Her music is a compilation of all that experience and influence – landing somewhere between folk, blues and rock

- Written by Zoey Miller
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Friday, July 7 at 6:00 pm on Nationwide Stage