Muscatine, IA
Mathcore / Grindcore / Hardcore punk / Metal
A heavy dose of metal adds a needed sense of uncertainty and chaos among the indie and jam acts that 80/35 houses each year. Outside of Central Iowa, we’ve noticed that Eastern Iowa especially has been a bubbling hotbed for underground metal and hardcore for some time, leaving a trail of blood and sweat in basements and VFW halls along the Mississippi River.

Closet Witch from Eastern Iowa has been shredding and jolting audiences for the last handful of years with their blend of grind and mathcore. They have made their name by relentlessly playing shows, releasing several split EPs and even recording a Daytrotter session (standing proudly among the many indie and folk bands that also inhabit their audio space). The uninitiated who happen upon these up-and-comers are in for a pleasant but heavy surprise.

- Written by Brian Campos, Pants OFF! Podcast
set details
Saturday, July 8 at 12:00 pm on Kum & Go Stage