Des Moines, Iowa
Closed Format is the lovechild of DJ power couple Jeana Calvert and Brad Goldman. Individually, each is a formidable human catalog of global grooves, but together they are a twisted musical pretzel of passion, romance, and dance.

The concept of Closed Format is not so much a rejection of pop music and open format DJing, as much as it is a celebration of house, techno, and an improvisational approach to performing electronic music.

When performing together the duo creates a magical journey through a wonderland of sights and sounds. The couple thoughtfully creates each musical story, concept, and experience with love and unity at the core.

This fantastical glitter joy ride must be experienced at least once in a lifetime, but once you have you will want the sound of Closed Format every night!
set details
Friday, July 7 at 9:30 pm on Kum & Go Stage